What’s the value, really?

PreQualPro can tell you. Whether you’re a homeowner thinking about selling, a Realtor following up leads, or a lender determining if a transaction is a good risk, our automated valuation method (AVM) tool provides the clearest possible indication whether an input value is supported by current market sales metrics.


Having this information early in the loan application and approval process helps loan officers, investors, realtor / brokers, title professionals, and even consumers better manage resources and expectations and avoid unnecessary costs. It’s fast, effective, and it’s easy to use. Here’s how:

  • The user inputs an address and estimation of value.
  • PreQualPro validates that estimate and returns a report containing a best estimation of value, a value range, a probability rating, and neighborhood metrics detailed and plotted on an area map. Actual sale prices (not MLS list prices) are provided and take into consideration nearby sales and market activity.


PreQualPro eliminates dependence on a borrower's estimated value—usually based only on their own understanding of the constantly-fluctuating housing market—and offers a faster, easier alternative to existing valuation methods for validating estimates. PreQualPro helps:

  • Loan officers, account executives and brokers determine which potential deals have the highest probability of closing at the value estimate provided.
  • Originators and brokers more efficiently manage time and cost, increasing their pull-through rates and effectively decrease costly fall-outs by streamlining the qualification process.
  • Homeowners gather information to make an informed selling, refinancing, or purchasing decision.